The present digital collection is an extension of the Archivio della Scrittura Femminile Salentina coordinated by Rosanna Basso and Marisa Forcina. The publications, funds and documentaries that lie at the center of this collection contribute to growth through understanding of this Southern Italian region, and further make it possible for us to create a small glimpse into the true effect of female Salentina writers on their world.

The editorial production of the Salentina authors’ work has been reconstructed and rediscovered from the very first noted testimonials of the early seventeenth century through 1930. Basso and Forcina work to continue the tradition of what is already completed and rendered available online.

Our collection includes a large variety of typologies of writings such as:  fiction, novels, poetry, theatre scripts, children’s books, essays, reviews and journal articles, memoir, travel books, and scholastic theses.

Each text is gathered under the given name of the author when it was possible for us to revise and reform a brief biological profile.

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